Make a coach want you.


Coaches know what they’re looking for in a recruit. Student Athlete Websites are the best way to show a coach why you’re the perfect fit for their team. Our sites quickly and efficiently display the information that a coach needs to decide if they want to recruit you. Our sites are broken down into the following sections:

Quick Facts

Your graduation year, position, physical stats, best times, GPA, SAT score, and other information that will make a coach want to learn more.

About You

A short bio that explains your background and what drives you to be a collegiate student athlete.

Athletic Accomplishments

This section demonstrates your athletic ability and shows that you have the potential to play in college. Highlight videos from Huddl or YouTube can easily be added to this section.

Academic Accomplishments

To play in college, you have to be academically eligible. This section shows a coach that you will be able to thrive as a student at their college or university.

Competition Schedule

To recruit you, some coaches must see you play in person. Here a coach can take note of the meets and tournaments in which you will compete.

Contact Information

Coaches will want talk with you and your club coach, and request information from your high school. Here you can put all your contact information in an easy to find place.


Built For Mobile

College coaches don’t spend their days in front of a computer. They are constantly on the go and rely on mobile devices and tablets to access the internet. Student Athlete Websites are built to perform on any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Easy to access

Unlike many recruiting platforms that require coaches to register and sign in, your Student Athlete Website is connected to a domain of your choosing! Once you send a coach a link to your website, they can easily view it with just one click!


Showcase your style


Student Athlete Websites are designed to showcase you! When you purchase your site, you can choose between one of two themes and one of 12 color palates.

Choose your theme

Austin Theme

Madison Theme


Choose your accent color





Light Blue




















No coding knowledge needed

All sites are paired with a maintenance/update plan.


Upon purchasing your site, you will receive a questionnaire that will be used to build out your site. You will also select the custom URL that you would like to use for your site’s web address.

Content Updates

As you achieve new athletic and academic accomplishments, you’ll want to share them with coaches. Our team is there to update your site. You can submit monthly updates to keep coaches informed of your latest accomplishments.


We will maintain your site with any necessary software and security updates needed to ensure maximum uptime and peak performance. You can also rest easy knowing that after every change, your site’s data is backed up.

Ready to create your site?

All Star Package

Everything you need to get started
  • An initial payment of $199
  • Includes a one time $180 setup fee and your first month of the maintenance/update plan ($19 value)
  • You will be billed $19/month each month for the maintenance/update plan and may cancel anytime.
  • You will receive one student athlete’s site built from one of our designs and hosted on a personalized domain of your choice.
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Elite Package

Built to last until graduation
  • A one time payment of $499
  • Includes setup fee and maintenance/update plan that lasts until you graduate from high school
  • You will receive one student athlete’s site built from one of our designs and hosted on a personalized domain of your choice.
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Is a Student Athlete Website right for me?

Student Athlete Websites are perfect for any high school student who desires to play their sport at the collegiate level. To play in college, you have to be recruited by a college coach. A Student Athlete Website is the easiest way to quickly and efficiently give a college coach the information they need to decide if they want recruit you.


How do I update my Student Athlete Website?

As your athletic and academic accomplishments change, your site will need updating to reflect these accomplishments. For example, have you:

  • achieved a new lifetime best time in your signature event?
  • won a recent tournament or have your stats changed?
  • decided on your summer competition schedule?
  • created a new highlight video?
  • increased your GPA?
  • earned a higher SAT score?
  • gotten this grading period’s grades back?

Coaches want to know these things!

Don’t worry. You don’t have to touch a line of code to make these changes to your site. The maintenance/update plan includes monthly updates. Simply submit your content changes by the 15th of every month and your changes will be made by the 30th.

Need an update made faster?

Purchase a RUSH update credit and your site will be updated within 48 hours.


What information should I include on my site?

Your site should include the information that coaches want to see in order to decide if you are the prospect they have been looking for!

Don’t worry if you are unsure. We have talked to college coaches in a wide variety of sports and know what they are looking for. Your site will contain the information that a coach in your sport wants to see!

Can I add a highlight video to my site?

Yes! Have a killer highlight video on Hudl, Youtube, or some other video hosting site? Provide us the link and we will seamlessly embed the video(s) on your site.

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